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The Power of the MLS


The MLS; the REALTORĀ® Multiple Listing Service, is by far the most powerful tool that can be employed to market a property. Every property that is listed in the MLS benefits from ALL of the advertising done by ALL of the agents and brokers sharing the MLS (Over 30,000 agents in the Southeast Florida MLS group).

That means every buyer that inquires about any property on the Internet, calls on any for sale sign, on any classified ad, is referred by a corporate relocation program or affinity program, has just sold their home through a REALTORĀ® and is now ready to buy themselves, is referred to an agent by a friend or relative or has a friend or a relative who is an agent... -- ALL of these buyers will end up looking for homes listed in the MLS.

The MLS makes every property listed by every agent of every company available to every buyer of every agent of every company. It is the most effective force driving the real estate market and if you don't belong to it, you are eliminating the single best resource available for locating prospective buyers for your property.

The MLS contains very detailed information on each property, all of which is searchable by agents looking for properties that meet the specific needs of their buyers. Having your property listed in the MLS makes it instantly available to the thousands of agents (and their buyers) sharing the MLS databases in South Florida.

However, while the MLS is without question the most powerful tool for marketing your property, if it is not used properly it can become practically useless. When an agent leaves off important information, or puts in wrong information, that property will not come up on the search lists for agents preparing homes with those features to be shown to their buyers. Unfortunately this is a very common occurrence and in most cases, the seller is never aware that it has happened.

Some of the most common omissions and errors are: Mispelled or ommited community name, square footage, waterfront info., pool info, style code, lot information, room sizes, equipment included, features, Home Owner's Association info., and showing instructions.

Probably the most inexcusable failure of many agent's use of the MLS is with photos. The number one item that buyers want to see when they are searching for property online are Photos. Many buyers will skip right over listing without photos and ignore those with no decent pics. Yet many agents either through laziness or a complete lack of even the most basic technical skills fail to post any decent pics of their listings. In too many cases they don't take any photos at all. They just don't care and their sellers suffer as a result.

We make sure that your property is accurately listed to maximize the benefits of the MLS and we take and post the maximum photos in the MLS and also do a Full High Def Video Tour that's posted on YouTube and many other Sites as well. These two simple processes make a huge difference in the exposure your property gets in the marketplace.

Key information from the MLS database is also automatically transferred to virtually all of the most popular Internet Web Sites carrying homes for sale: These include (the largest real estate Web Site in the world with more than a million Listed homes for sale in Florida), Trulia, Zillow, Homegain, Google, Vast, Oodle, Homefinder, Craigs List and MANY more! In addition, your home is automatically listed on thousands of Broker Sites like via IDX. Having wrong and missing information and photos in the MLS means putting those same problems out to the whole world. Doing it right lets the world find your property and see it in its best light.

With all of these benefits, why doesn't everybody list their home in the MLS? Well, the great majority of home sellers do. However, there is one primary concern sellers usually have with listing their home in the MLS - the cost. In order to have your home listed in the MLS, you must have it listed for sale with a REALTORĀ®, and this almost always means paying a commission. The commission you have to pay usually covers both "sides" of the transaction -- they buyer side and the seller side. While there is no set amount for these commissions, a typical amount in our market is 6%. That's 3% to the office that sells your home (brings the buyer) and 3% to the office that has your home listed for sale, for a total of 6% (even if it's the same office or agent). Our listing program eliminates the commission on the listing side and you only pay the commission on the selling side of the transaction., typically 3%. This saves you half of the amount that you would commonly pay to have your home listed with a full service agent or office. Plus, we provide all of the same high level of services and representation that you would enjoy and expect from a competent, full service agency. See our Description of Full Service to find our more about what we do.

Maximum Marketing Exposure. Maximum Results. Minimum cost. Zero Risk.

IDX = Internet Data Exchange. The protocol that allows the sharing of MLS listing data with the public.